Friday, April 11, 2014

Joyful Reunion!

We welcomed our daughter home from her mission in Sapporo in January. 
She has been easing back into post-mission life as she left one mission and came home to another.
The two Sister Budges dressed in kimonos, through the kindness of Sister Aoyagi.


 One of the many things we love about Japan are the blooming cherry trees in the spring!
 This delicate tree is so beautiful it almost doesn't seem real.
Almost every park in Japan boasts some sakura trees.
They are spectacular, but ephemeral.  You have to enjoy them while they last!

Now we have iPads!

 The Assistants and Technology Elders were the first to receive iPad Minis in mid-January.
 Matsudo Zone displaying their new iPads in early February.
These sisters in Niigata are excited about the new technology and its capabilities!

Temple Day!

 Sisters Temple Day April 1, 2014
 The beginning of April is sakura season in Tokyo!
Elders Temple Day April 8, 2014

Some of our recent zone conferences.

 Niigata Zone January 7
 Chiba Zones March 25
Tokyo Zones March 27

We were blessed to have Elder and Sister Whiting tour our mission in January 2014.

January 28 with the Chiba and Matsudo zones. 
 January 29 in Tokyo.
 January 30 with the Saitama and Kiryu zones.
January 31 in Niigata.
 Mission Leadership Council February 13, 2014
Mission Leadership Council April 3, 2014.
The missionaries on the iPads were joining us remotely from Niigata.
Technology is a wonderful thing!