Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We welcomed 19 missionaries in April 2013! This is our first group with more sisters than elders after the historic announcement made by President Monson last year! They will be a wonderful addition to our Japan Tokyo family.
14 missionaries returned home in March 2013 after serving faithfully for 2 or 1.5 years! They've been of tremendous service to the people of Japan in the Lord's cause!

We welcomed 9 elders in February 2013--they will be a great addition to this mission!

February 2013 departing group: It truly has been a blessing serving with these 12 wonderful young missionaries!
We had one elder join us in January 2013! Welcome to Tokyo!

We bid farewell to this great bunch of 13 missionaries in January 2013--they'll be missed!

We had two new missionaries join us in November 2012! An elder and a sister. They were paired up with their companions and had a good start on their gospel journey in Japan!

We said goodbye to 12 wonderful missionaries in November 2012--thank you all!