Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 2013.  During our zone conferences a recent convert volunteered to come and train us on how to exercise using just our body weight and a chair.  The missionaries loved him! Even though it was hard, he made it really fun, and he was very inspiring and motivating.
The field is green, all ready to harvest.  Well, maybe not yet, but you can't argue that this is a true green!  In August we travelled to Niigata, which is famous for its high quality rice.
The aisles of Costco, just like the streets of Tokyo, are very crowded!  You should see the looks I get when I buy 2-3 full cartloads of food at a time.  We are grateful to have Costco here.
August 2013.  Missionary Leadership Council.  These are all amazing missionaries!
August 2013. This was our farewell dinner for these fantastic returning missionaries.

We will miss them very much!

August 2013.  These are the newest missionaries, along with their trainers.  This group represents more than half of our missionaries!

August 2013. This is the largest group of new missionaries we have received to date.  There are 14 elders and 20 sisters!  We used every futon we have!