How You Can Help

To the families of our missionaries:

Thank you for sharing your son or daughter with us.  We know you love them and are praying for their success.  We are grateful for your prayers, and invite you to unite your faith and prayers with us.

In a 2003 General Conference Address Elder Eyring prophesied that a Great Day would dawn in Japan and that there would be a great harvest of souls.  He said that if we wanted to be a part of that miracle that we must not wait, and begin praying that we will meet people prepared to hear our message, and that we would know what to do and say when we meet them.  
We are encouraging all of our missionaries and the members to pray daily for these two things.  We invite you to join us.  As we unite our faith and prayers in this Great Cause we will see this Great Day come to pass.

Love, President and Sister Budge